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Libby Tedder Hugus 

surfing the seas of change with love as my center of gravity 

Human Resonator

Mental Fitness Coach 

This is a real sweet spot for me. Oh how I love the container of coaching - watching the lightbulb go on for clients making the connection between their motivations, resourcefulness and capacity for change.

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Speaking, Writing, Inspiring

Words are vehicles for transformation, courage, vulnerability, resonance and declaration. I love reading them, writing them speaking them and hearing them. Let's get wordy, y'all.

Follow the links to hear my voice in writing or "in the wild"
on the world wide web... 

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Spiritual Midwife

Holding Liminal Space at the Threshold of Change

My super-power is: Presence, Intuition, Empathy, Clarity, Strength, Sustenance and Trust. I serve with intelligence, energy, imagination and love. I'm never more energized than when I am holding space with folks around their own spiritual empowerment and transformation. When I bear witness to folks asking life giving questions that lead to life-giving actions and taking neighborly action? Well, then I'm in heaven (come to earth). 

I am a mystic and seek for my experience of God-As-Love to be a felt experience, a lived experience, an integrated experience. Deep listening to my inner knowing that Love is my essence 
(gut, emotions, mind) is how I navigate my spiritual practice.

I am a practical and public theologian who aims for embodied awareness and action. I orient my theology and practice from an Open & Relational compass and a process based philosophy. When the inner landscapes of spirituality matches the outer landscapes of human experience and actions, integration is more accessible. Integration results in courage and compassion.
I am an ordained Teaching Elder with the
Presbyterian Church, (U.S.A.)

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The Fun Stuff

Hi! I'm Libby (she/her)

I'm curious, courageous and compassionate. I aim to embody, embrace and empower more love. I believe there is always room for one more around the table: both at home and in God's family and that generous hospitality can and will heal the world.

I have fifteen years of experience as an entrepreneur in the helping professions. I founded an out-of-the-box community called The Table that served as a radically inclusive spiritual container for doubters & disciples together. We cultivated that space for a decade. It was a collaborative, community-organized, diverse & creative collective of folks who never held belonging hostage for belief. The Table is in a season of slumber & discernment and has been lovingly tucked into bed for a night of well deserved rest.
I have shared hundreds of meals with folks around The Table, and in our home during Souper Tuesdays, CornholeBQ parties and Christmas Caroling parties. I've facilitated hundreds of soul-searching, eye-opening, heart-expanding conversations rooted in the embodied practices of compassion and courage.

I am the Owner & Lead Coach at Resonate Coaching and over seven years have I've spent hundreds of hours in 1:1 and group coaching sessions with folks brave and awkward and kind enough to dare to believe change is possible.

I love the mountain air, hikes in the woods, international submersion travel, and sharing well-crafted beverages with friends. I am a wife, mama, coach, speaker, writer, reverend and obsessive podcast/audiobook consumer.

I am the daughter of two continents: North America and Africa and maintain dual citizenship between the USA and Republic of South Africa. I find breathing room for the soul in Wyoming's wide open skies.

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