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I want to join the
Sabotage Eliminator Experience

"Any true and lasting change requires about
20% insight and 80% mental muscle building."
~ Shirzad Chamine


Raise your hand, or better yet click Sign me up! if:
- You know it's time to close the gap between insight and habit change.
- You truly want to build Mental Fitness Habits to gain your Sage Brain Super Powers. 



During the Sabotage Eliminator Experience, 

we PROMISE that you will learn to quiet your Saboteur brain and turn up the volume on your Sage brain enough to find ease & flow in your daily life & goal setting.

We're so confident of this promise that we offer a 

“Our Goal at Resonate Coaching, LLC is to always be better tomorrow than today. If you’re not happy with your Saboteur Eliminator Experience, all we ask of you is to tell us why, so we can improve. If you’re not satisfied with the changes you experience in quieting your self-sabotage habits after 8 weeks, just let us know the reason why, and we will refund your money, guaranteed.”

Resonate Coaching offers the Sabotage Eliminator Experience 

in two different containers

  • Exclusive 1:1 Coaching with PQ Mastery Graduate, Coach Libby


  • Eliminator Cohorts with other like-minded & ready-to-change entrepreneurs, guided expertly by Coach Libby

Ask Libby which setting is right for you.

         Mental Fitness Coaching 
helps you to overcome the places
you're stuck in your mental habits, 
and frees up your energetic resources to live a happy life with
far less negatively motivated behavior.


I'm ready to lasso my Sage Brain,
let's do this: 

What is Mental Fitness?

Mental Fitness is the strength and resilience of your mind to choose self-awareness and responsibility resulting in emotional intelligence and the ability to handle stress. 


When you learn Mental Fitness Habitsyou are able to utilize the Interceptor, Self Command and Sage Brain muscles already and always available to you.

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