My Mission as a Coach: 

As a coach I intend to show up with my full presence to create a relationship built on trust.

I will encourage you to embrace your personal creativity so you can embody resourcefulness and wholeness and empower the clarity of your transformation.

Why do people choose coaching? 

Coaching Is: 

Coaching is a mutually empowering experience between Coach and Coachee. Coaching explores opportunities and identifies resources to create an exciting future based on awareness, choice and action.


Coaching is a collaboration between Coach and Coachee to clarify feelings and values, leading to insight and action.


Coaching aims for transformation of both Coach and Coachee and typically involves a change in pattern; be it a pattern of thinking or a pattern of behavior. It is action-oriented & builds on momentum. 


Coaching is not: 

Coaching is not mentoring: I do not have more power, experience or wisdom on your own life, desires and motivations than you do. 


Coaching is not consulting: I am not the expert in your own life, goals and actions. You are.

Coaching is not therapy or counseling: I do not aim to help you address past roadblocks, pain or diagnosis. I aim to help you pay attention to your present motivation to move forward in your life.

You can choose coaching to:

  • Be heard {understood, seen, loved}

  • Resonate {amplify, expand, evoke}

  • Come alive {resound}

Libby Tedder Hugus
mental fitness & future flourishing coach

Be heard. Resonate. Come Alive.

Coaching changed my life

I first engaged coaching when I launched as an entrepreneurial and organizing pastor of a brand new kind of church. I would have been entirely baffled and pretty anxious without the presence of coaching alongside my work.

So when I had the chance to pursue accreditation with International Coaching Federation, I dove in whole-heartedly.

My training took place as the Global COVID-19 Pandemic swept our earth. I was pregnant with my second kiddo. Everything and everyone was enduring extreme and sudden change. And the further I trained, the more I knew: coaching is transformative. It has the power to clarify, strengthen and sustain. It is necessary for self-understanding and alignment with personal goals and pursuits.

I want to share this experience with you. I coach because I believe personal transformation leads to communal transformation. The future we long for is ours for the creating.

You can choose coaching to:

  • Be heard {understood, seen, loved}

  • Resonate {amplify, expand, evoke}

  • Come alive {resound}


Who chooses coaching? 

  • Anyone {or group of people} seeking growth, change, and transformation

  • Anyone {or group of people} seeking to affirm their own wholeness and resourcefulness in living into the future they co-create 

Who can I coach? 

  • Individuals

  • Teams, Boards, Organizational Suites 

  • Those who are spiritually based, and those who are not




More of the fun stuff: 
Libby is curious, courageous, and compassionate. She aims to embody, embrace and empower more love. She is a wife, mama, pastor, coach, author, and obsessive podcast/audiobook consumer. She believes there is always room for one more around the table and that generous hospitality can and will heal the world. She is married to her darling comedic husband, and together they are raising their wondrous children. She loves the mountain air, hikes in the woods, international submersion travel, and sharing well-crafted beverages with friends.

Libby is the daughter of two continents: North America and Africa and maintains dual citizenship between the USA and the Republic of South Africa. Since moving to Casper, WY she has fallen in love with this slice of the windy western frontier, finding breathing room for the soul in Wyoming's wide-open skies.

  • Libby is a trained coach with the International Coaching Federation

  • She is a Positive Intelligence Coach​

  • She is a published author, contributing essays to eight anthologies and co-author of "Marks of the Missional Church.” A list of her publishing can be found HERE

  • She is a minister of Word and Sacrament, ordained with the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A.