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Are you motivated-but-stuck?

Entrepreneurs & visionaries come here 
to eliminate self-sabotage
and increase Mental Fitness habits 

Libby Tedder Hugus
Mental Fitness Coach

Ready to step off
the treadmill of self-sabotage?

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Are you looping in your mind on the treadmill of self-sabotage?
...plagued by self-doubt, perfectionism or procrastination?

I get it. Me too!
I've tried to cover up the
T-shirt, too.

You're not the only one.
You deserve to stay off that
endless treadmill of self-sabotage
and live the life of ease and flow
you dream about. 


I've coached many motivated-but-stuck entrepreneurs just like you
to step off the exhausting treadmill
of their excuse making loops. 

Our clients often report they feel like they have downloaded a SUPERPOWER
after the Saboteur Eliminator Experience.

(Don't just take my word for it)

Ready to integrate 

your outward success AND your inward happiness?

I coach entrepreneurs & visionaries to

build Mental Fitness habits that empower

the life of ease and flow they dream about.

Resonate Coaching

Are you afraid the "fake it till you make it"

facade is going to crack any second?

We are obsessed with empowering
our client’s ability to build transformative
Mental Fitness habits. 


Discover for yourself
the baseline of sabotage behavior & eliminate 
unhelpful mental habits.

Ease & Flow

Join the
Sabotage Eliminator Experience

with the
Genuine You

Sign up for 1:1 Coaching or
Entrepreneur's Cohorts
and build new 

 Mental Fitness habits. 

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If you are motivated to shift

from the overwhelming push of negative emotions
to the resonating orbit of positive emotions, 

then we will make a great coaching fit!  

         Mental Fitness Coaching 
helps you to overcome the places
you're stuck in your mental habits, 
and frees up your energetic resources to live a happy life with
far less negativity.


Resonate Coaching Services 

Sabotage Eliminator Experience

1:1 Coaching
Mental Fitness Workshops for Businesses


Book a Discovery Call Today 
to determine your best value

when joining Resonate Coaching.


Don't believe me? Just Watch.
Listen to Eric - Founder & CEO - share about 
Mental Fitness Coaching helped him to (mostly) eliminate anxiety, stress, and fear. 

Find Ease & Flow

Eric Toscano

Founder & CEO

Tenant Law Group, PC

"Mental Fitness Coaching has shown me how to avoid wasting mental and emotional energy on stress/worry by finding the gift in the most challenging of situations. It has made me a better entrepreneur, husband, and father."

Art Boatright

Mobile Concrete

"Resonate Coaching and working with Libby specifically have given me the confidence and patience to face my problems that have plagued me for my entire working career of 45+ years. I feel like I have been granted a super power. When I just didn’t have the answers and I felt like nothing would change, I now know it can and it does. I just can’t thank Resonate Coaching enough!"

Rola Al Ashkar

llama Yoga

“Coaching Changed My Life. I will always carry with me my experience at Resonate Coaching and how it led me to change my fear-based life around and look for a new love-based life. I will carry the lesson with me forever because I have it tattooed on my forearm."

"Ask me not where I live or what I like to eat...
Ask me what I am living for and what I think
is keeping me from living fully for that."

-Thomas Merton 

Meet Your
Mental Fitness Coach

Hi! I'm Libby (she/her)

I tenaciously coach entrepreneurs & visionaries
who aim to get unstuck from their self-sabotage habits.

As a Positive Intelligence Mastery Graduate® my expertise as a Mental Fitness Coach is in assisting you
in taking your personal neurobiology from mystery to mastery.

I love to coach Motivated-But-Stuck Entrepreneurs

  • Business Owners & their Leadership Teams

  • Start Up Risk Takers & their Teams

  • Community Visionaries

  • Spiritual Innovators 

  • Law Firm Business Owners

Nothing fulfills me more than coaching motivated change-makers to close their excuse making loops and empowering their ability to build lasting
Mental Fitness habits.


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Book a Consultation

What is Mental Fitness?

Mental Fitness is the strength and resilience of your mind to choose self-awareness and responsibility resulting in emotional intelligence and the ability to handle stress. 

When you learn Mental Fitness Habits
you are able to utilize the Interceptor, Self Command and
Sage Brain muscles already and always available to you.

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What Clients Are Saying
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"Coaching with Libby has been extremely rewarding and helpful. Her breadth of knowledge, depth of wisdom, genuine care, and soothing presence have made our coaching sessions lively and thought-inviting. I have also appreciated the human twist she brings.” 

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